Services - 128GB Dedicated Server Hosting

128GB RAM Dedicated Server

Our 128GB RAM Dedicated Server includes the following:

  • AMD Ryzen 2050x 16 Core
  • 1TB SATAStorage
  • 1GBit/s Port
  • 1GBit/s Bandwidth
  • UnlimitedTraffic
  • Includes your choice of CentOS 7 Linux & Vesta Control Panel or Windows 2019 Server Standard

NOTE: If you need email hosting - We do NOT host email on either our VPS or Dedicated servers for 2 reasons:
- SECURITY: Unless you are extremely knowledgeable at the setup, configuration, and monitoring of email systems and servers, your server and email WILL GET compromised.
- PERFORMANCE: By not including email hosting on your VPS/Dedicated Server, we preserve 100% of the server's resources (CPU, RAM, & Drive Storage) to simply processing page requests and serving up static and dynamic content to your site's visitors.

Because of these reasons, we will assist you with setting up any needed email accounts on Zoho Mail. You can also elect to use other email services providers like GSuite/GMail or Office 365 instead.


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